Frequency (or Lack Thereof) of Formal Learning Opportunities

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Frequency (or Lack Thereof) of Formal Learning Opportunities

Now that we know what drives developers to learn, how they like to learn, and why it’s important to support their need to learn, we’re going to explore the importance of continually offering learning opportunities in today’s installment of our 2014 DI Developer Survey Report blog series. (Missed the introduction to this series? You can find it here.)

The lack of formalized learning opportunities within the technology sector is alarming. Our survey respondents reported that 68% of employers do not provide formal training opportunities to software developers on an annual basis. The ASTD State of the Industry, 2013 report indicates that employees across all industries and professions logged an average of 30.3 hours, annually, of training in 2012[1].

Why is this important? Recruiting and retaining good talent is becoming increasingly more difficult – unemployment rates in the technology sector are low, and employees feel comfortable moving to new positions if they’re unhappy in their current job. Highly skilled technical workers, when not given an opportunity to grow their skills, are not afraid to look for employment elsewhere – and your competition is likely waiting to snap them up.

If you’re experiencing high rates of developer turnover or difficulty attracting quality talent, take the time to evaluate the learning and career-growth opportunities your organization provides its engineers. Investing in consistent learning opportunities is one way to decrease your developer team attrition rates.

Our expert team has a proven process for identifying technical learning requirements across the organization, designing a custom learning program to meet those needs, and delivery high-quality technical learning. Contact our consultants, at (877) 629-5631 or via email, today to discuss how you can leverage our experience in designing, developing, and delivering technical learning programs.


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