New Course Alert: Backbone.js

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New Course Alert: Backbone.js

Our JavaScript curriculum now includes an intermediate-level course in Backbone.js, a JavaScript library providing a structure for growing web applications.

In our Backbone.js course, we discuss the purpose and value of Backbone, and dive into its core principles. Our instructors cover coding proficiencies, the benefits of utilizing models and collections, how to develop individual and collection views, and best practices for working with Backbone. Your team will leave the class with hands-on experience, ready to put Backbone successfully in action.

This course assumes your developers have a strong working knowledge of JavaScript. Don’t worry – we can help get your team up to speed with our Core JavaScript courses. Our web development catalog includes training in additional frameworks and libraries that work together to build and improve your developers’ coding efficiency and ability to build robust web applications. And who doesn’t like that?

As with all of the courses in our catalog, we offer course customization to fit your team’s specific Backbone.js needs. Contact our consultants today, at (877) 629-5631 or via email, to discuss your 2015 learning plan and how we can help.