Stop Torturing Your Technical Talent

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Stop Torturing Your Technical Talent

There are three ways companies consistently torture their developers and engineers. If you recognize any of these, stop it immediately. Your technical talent will thank you.

I know the training industry can be slow to change. But seriously, enough already.

We need developers. We need technical talent of all kinds, and supply does not match demand in most industries. But many companies can’t pull – and keep – the talent they need to grow their business because they refuse to give them the training they need to thrive. Instead, companies torture them, forcing them to attend training events like bad suits – ill fitting and cheap.

Don’t Make Them Sit Through a Lecture

Too many learning leaders just assume that developers want to learn everything virtually, online, or mobile. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Most developers don’t like those types of training delivery methods at all. They prefer instructor-led training, with their peers in groups.

Developers want to learn while using technology, but they want to do it in a lab, not online. Labs offer them a chance to physically interact with new technology before they get back to work. Yet labs are often not included in traditional training activities. And if they are, they’re not nearly as long as lectures, which is completely backwards. Lectures and lengthy presentations are torture for developers, and chances are if they’re sitting through one they’re not paying attention.

Don’t Deny Them Real World Experience

Let’s say you have an engineer working at credit card company. He – or she – doesn’t want to be trained in some cookie cutter, fake environment unlike the environment he’ll work in once back on the job. It needs to be familiar, personalized and specific to the challenges he will face in that industry.

Take DevOps, for instance. DI’s DeveloperAcademy doesn’t just offer different levels of Python, Chef and Docker, each course is customized to a company’s specific needs. DevOps combines development and operations to make it easier to develop, deploy and test apps, so things will naturally look different in a retail vs. a professional services organization. It’s why we’ve made customization a core pillar of our business.

Don’t Ignore Their Future Training Needs

Engineers are offered new jobs every day, and most feel no compunction about jumping ship when they find a better opportunity. That’s not because they’re disloyal, easily bored, or any other stereotype you may have heard; it’s because they’re smart.  

Technology is always changing. That means they must constantly re-skill and constantly be learning so that they can change and adapt along with it. To not think this way is to quickly become irrelevant.

Developers want to know their company will take care of all their future training needs. So, by word and deed, make sure they know they can count on you to help them grow their technical skills long-term.

Developers have distinct training preferences that learning leaders need to pay attention to. If they don’t, they’re wasting time, money, and they’re likely torturing their technical talent will ineffective training that won’t stick.