DevOps Training

Python Training

Advanced Python

Become an expert at creating high-throughput, multithreaded, network oriented programs written in Python.

Building a Recommendation Engine Using Python

Understand, design, implement and evaluate various recommendation engines.

Intermediate Python

Help new Python developers mature their programming knowledge.

Introduction to Python

Learn the fundamentals of Python programming.

Introduction to R & Python

Introduce developers to both programming languages providing comparisons and recommendations between the two languages.

MongoDB for Python Developers

Learn how to use MongoDB with Python.

Python Boot Camp

Quickly transition from another object-oriented programming language to Python.

Python for Data Scientists

Obtain a working knowledge of how to use Python to explore and analyze data, run basic regression models, visualize data, and apply some basic machine learning models to data.

Chef Training

Chef Essentials

Learn the architecture of Chef, the use of Chef Development Kit (ChefDK), and associated tools.

Intermediate Chef

Learn to use Chef-specific tools and tactics such as Ohai plugins, Chef handlers, ChefSpec, and Custom Light-Weight Resource Providers (LWRP's).

Introduction to Chef Learning Spike

Learn to configure and deploy Chef for server infrastructure.

Working With Chef

Learn how to write cookbooks for Chef.

Boot Camps

DevOps Boot Camp

Learn the key concepts and tools used in a DevOps environment

Introduction to DevOps

Learn the key concepts and components of a DevOps environment

Introduction to ETL management with Airflow

Teach how to use Apache Airflow to manage data warehouses

Introduction to Terraform

Express infrastructure across multiple teams within an enterprise using Terraform.

Docker Training

Introduction to Docker

Learn how to utilize Docker for your distributed apps.

Introduction to Docker Learning Spike

Learn to the basics around systems and application design for Docker.

Puppet Training

Introduction to Puppet

Learn how to automate your IT infrastructure with Puppet.

OpenStack Training

OpenStack Administration

Learn how to build a open cloud with OpenStack.

OpenStack Cloud Architecture and Deployment

Learn how to define and deploy an OpenStack Cloud Architecture.

OpenStack Cloud Architecture and Deployment Workshop

Hands-on interaction with an OpenStack Cloud Architecture.

Kubernetes Training

Working with Kubernetes

Learn how to adopt and use Kubernetes

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