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We've been writing JavaScript and helping people learn Javascript since Netscape was the en-vogue browser. JavaScript has gone from being a simple client-side scripting language into being one of the most popular and ubiquitous programming languages.  JavaScript today is used for both the client and server side, since the rise of Node.JS in the late 2000s.  JavaScript is even being used as an embedded language in the ‘internet of things’.  

No one knew how popular this relatively simple language would get.  Innovation on the language (also known as ECMAScript) doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.  The majority of browsers are still only supporting  ES5 (ECMAScript5) but more and more are supporting the features of ES6, which includes things like classes, modules, block scoping, arrow functions, tail calls, and more.  ES7 (the next version) is nearly fully developed and will be released next year.

There’s been a couple major exciting developments in the JavaScript in approximately the last 10 years. In the mid 2000s came Ajax and jQuery.  Ajax (
asynchronous JavaScript and XML) made it possible to create what are called single page applications (SPAs).  Single page applications are things like Gmail, Google Maps, and Twitter.  Rather than having to do a hard refresh the page everytime the page changes, the web app is able to swap out only the data that needs to change.  This makes a web application feel much closer to a desktop application and it’s a much better experience for users.  jQuery is a library that made it far easier to develop apps once and have them work across multiple browsers (including Internet Explorer).  jQuery might not be as hot as it was but for handling Ajax events (like mouse clicks), and CSS selections, it cannot be beat.

The two technologies that have had the most impact on JavaScript in recent times are AngularJS and ReactJS.  AngularJS, a full fledged web application framework, came out in 2009 but didn’t take off until around 2012.  Angular is best thought of as a very powerful extension to HTML.  Angular makes it far easier and simpler to create and manage a web application.  Angular can handle everything from the routing, events, Ajax, testing, and data binding.  Simply put, Angular takes care of a lot of the tedious error prone details involved in web development and gives developers proven ways of handling common tasks.

ReactJS is the new kid on the block in the JS world and is quickly taking it by storm.  React was invented to make handling data driven user interfaces faster and easier.  It has been battle tested by being used by hundreds of millions of users daily (in Instagram and Facebook messenger).  React believes that every part of the page should be thought of as a separate component and is able to make working with the DOM much faster through it’s Virtual DOM concept.  Rather than using the ‘dirty checking’ that Angular employs, React batches the DOM updating into fewer changes, which makes it far simpler and faster to make changes to an interface.

These are just a few of the hot technologies in the JavaScript world today.  It’s a very exciting time to be in this rapidly changing field.

If you are new to JavaScript programming, consider taking the Introduction to JavaScript training course. If you've done some JS, but need to deepen your knowledge, the Effective JavaScript training course would be a good choice. Or, if you're looking for the BEST and MOST comprehensive JavaScript training course out there, check out the JavaScript Boot Camp.

Of course, if you can't find the JavaScript Training course you're looking for, contact us and we'll design it just for you.

Advanced AJAX

Build web pages that allow users to have a dynamic interaction experience.

Advanced JavaScript

Learn how to build advanced web applications using JavaScript.

Advanced jQuery Development

Deepen your knowledge of jQuery.

Advanced Node.js

Grow the Node.js skills of seasoned JavaScript developers.

Angular Boot Camp

Learn the ins-and-outs of building robust web applications using Angular.


Grow your web development skills through incorporation of Backbone.js.

Intermediate JavaScript

Learn Effective JavaScript concepts like design patterns, packaging, compression, debugging and testing.

Intermediate React & Flux

Learn to build apps using React.js and Flux

Introduction to AJAX

Build Web Pages that allow users to have an interactive experience with your Web Page.

Introduction to Angular

Learn how to code single page applications with Angular.

Introduction to JavaScript

Learn the fundamentals of the JavaScript programming.

Introduction to jQuery

Learn how to use jQuery to build robust web applications.

Introduction to Node.js

Introduction to Node.js is designed to introduce developers to Node.js.

Introduction to React

Learn to use the React.js library and JSX.

Introduction to YUI

Learn how to leverage YUI to rapidly build rich interactive web apps.

JavaScript Boot Camp

Learn how to program JavaScript in this rapid and condensed learning experience.

jQuery Boot Camp

Learn JavaScript and jQuery in a single class.

Node.js Boot Camp

Learn the tools necessary to develop web applications that exchange data through RESTful APIs.

Testing Angular with Jasmine

Learn how to effectively test Angular applications.

Testing JavaScript with Jasmine

Learn how to write BDD JavaScript using Jasmine.

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