JBoss SEAM Boot Camp

The JBoss SEAM Boot Camp training course is a fast-tracked learning program designed to migrate existing Java Web Developers using JSP & MVC into functionality competent JBoss SEAM developers using JSF, JPA, and JBoss SEAM. The course begins with a core review of Java Web Development concepts, and then quickly transitions into using JSF. Once the UI side of the discussion is complete the course dives into working with JPA for persistence. Then course then concludes with a 3-day discussion on JBoss SEAM.

Due to the nature of the JBoss SEAM Boot Camp Boot Camp, not every topic covered will be discussed in an in-depth fashion. If you are looking for in-depth coverage in a specific topic area, consider taking the traditional course.

The JBoss SEAM Boot Camp training course is delivered in 60 hours over 5-days.

Course Summary

Learn how to build web applications using JBoss SEAM.
Existing Java web developers wanting to adopt JBoss SEAM.
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Boot Camp training is fast-tracked, hands-on, instructor-led training covering multiple related concepts and technologies in a condensed fashion.

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5 Days

What You'll Learn

The JBoss SEAM Boot Camp covers many of the topics found in the following courses:


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