The RESTful .NET training course will provide you with an in-depth examination of how to design, architect, build, and consume RESTful web services using the .NET framework.

You will learn about the technical details of common web services technologies like SOAP, WSDL, HTTP, REST, and JSON, including their advantages and disadvantages, You will also learn how to use WebAPI to build RESTful web services using ASP.NET MVC.

Course Summary

Learn how to build RESTful web services using Microsoft’s WebAPI.
Programmers familiar with the .NET platform who want to build RESTful web services.
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Learning Style: 

Hands-on training is customized, instructor-led training with an in-depth presentation of a technology and its concepts, featuring such topics as Java, OOAD, and Open Source.

Hands On help
2 Days
Productivity Objectives: 

Upon completion of this course, you should know:

  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the REST architecture for web services.
  • Develop simple RESTful services.
  • Control dispatching to service methods based on URL patterns and HTTP methods.
  • Bind request values to method parameters when expressed as HTTP query parameters, form values, headers, cookies, and more.

RESTful .NET is part of the .NET curriculum.

What You'll Learn

In the RESTful .NET training course, you’ll learn:

  • Web Services Overview
    • Creating Service-Oriented Architectures
    • Key Components of Web Services and SOA: HTTP, XML
    • History of Microsoft Web Service Tools

  • REST vs. WS-*
    • Remote Procedure Call
    • Representational State Transfer
    • Using HTTP: Methods, Headers, and Error Codes
  • Introducing ASP.NET MVC
    • Review of ASP.NET Web Forms
    • Model-View-Controller Pattern
    • Web API
    • HTTP Services Using Web API
    • Using Fiddler
    • CRUD Operations
  • Designing a Validation Strategy
    • Validation Locations
    • Validation Techniques
    • Validation Implementation Technologies
  • Designing REST Services Clients
    • Writing a .NET Client
    • Writing a JavaScript / JSON Client
    • Other Clients and Technologies
  • REST Security Architecture
    • Defining a Security Policy and Design
    • Authentication and Authorization Frameworks (OpenID, OAuth, Spring Security, etc.)
    • Protecting Your REST Service from XSS, XSRF, SQL Injections
    • Best Practices
  • Testing REST Services
    • NUnit
    • Mocking
    • Fiddler
    • Browser Developer Tools (Firebug, Chrome, Safari)
    • Test Automation

Meet Your Instructor


Eric is a consultant, a trainer, and a passionate programmer. For the past 15 years, he’s been building applications in a wide variety of industries, from structural engineering to video editing to currency trading. Growing up professionally in the world of .NET, Eric has an extensive background in C#, ASP MVC, and SQL Server with a variety of Microsoft certifications.

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Craig recently released the book, The JavaScript Framework Guide: AngularJS, Backbone, and Ember. Craig has been a guest on the Hanselminutes and JavaScript Jabber podcasts. He’s an avid blogger, and several of his articles have been published in Peter Cooper’s poplular “JavaScript Weekly” newsletter. He also has his own podcast, “The Front-End Developer’s Cast”.

Craig has been a developer for over 15 years at startups, enterprises, and as a consultant. During...

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Julian first touched fingers to keypunch in 1972, punching Fortran code onto cards at Imperial College in London (England, that is) and soon moved onto Macro-11 programming on PDP-11s. This qualifies him as a Real Programmer, and until recently, he even had a PDP-11 in his garage at home to remind him of better times.

He learnt Fortran while becoming a geologist at Imperial College, but he has never practised in the rock business, as he succumbed to the...

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