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React Background

React was released by Facebook in 2013. React came out of Facebook’s struggles to make all the stateful parts of Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger sync and work correctly. Stateful parts of an app are things like how many people pushed like or commented on a post/photo. Managing all of these things in an organized and performant way is extremely difficult.  This is because manipulating and rendering the DOM(Document Object Model) is really ‘expensive’ (i.e.slow).  

What makes React.js different from many other libraries or frameworks (like Angular.JS) is how it manipulates the DOM.  React does this with it’s Virtual DOM technology that is really efficient at determining when the DOM needs to be changed and batching the changes in as few manipulations as possible.

React FAQ

Some of the common questions we get

What is JSX?

JSX is a preprocessor step that adds XML syntax to the JavaScript language.  Think of it more simply as a combination of HTML and JavaScript.

What libraries/tools/frameworks is React commonly used with?

Flux, Redux, and Webpack are the most common as of early-mid 2016.

How hard is React to learn?

React has a very steep learning curve relative to popular technologies like jQuery or AngularJS. Understanding how props, state, and components work and interact takes a lot longer than using Angular’s 2-way data binding.  Read more about the differences in difficulty in this well argued blog post.

Which companies are using React?

Facebook, Paypal, Khan Academy, and thousands of others.

Of course, if you can't find the React training course you're looking for, give us a call or contact us and we'll design one just for you and your team.

Intermediate Apollo for React & GraphQL Developers

Teach React developers how to leverage GraphQL and Apollo.

Intermediate Apollo for React & GraphQL Developers

Teach React developers how to leverage GraphQL and Apollo.

Intermediate React & Flux

Learn to build apps using React.js and Flux

Intermediate Redux for React Developers

Teach React developers how to use more of the Redux API in their applications.

Introduction to ES6

Teach the features of ES6, the newest version of JavaScript.

Introduction to GraphQL

Learn how to use GraphQL with React

Introduction to GraphQL

Learn to work with GraphQL in a React context.

Introduction to React

Learn to use the React.js library and JSX.

React Native

Teach React Native for building mobile applications.

Relay & GraphQL

Learn to use Relax with GraphQL in the context of React.

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