Introduction to Vue.js

Prototyping with Vue.js Course

The Introduction to Vue.js training course is a two day course focused on teaching experience front-end web developers the necessary components within Vue to build applications.

The Introduction to Vue course begins with an overview of the framework, and then quickly moves into how to create instances, work with components and events, and build a functional UI. The course finishes up with a examination of how to leverage Vue.js with other JS frameworks.

Course Summary

Learn how to use Vue.js to build UIs
Experienced web developers looking to adopt Vue.js as their web view framework.
Skill Level: 
Learning Style: 

Hands-on training is customized, instructor-led training with an in-depth presentation of a technology and its concepts, featuring such topics as Java, OOAD, and Open Source.

Hands On help
2 Days
Productivity Objectives: 
  • Describe Vue.js and how it compares to other front-end frameworks
  • Identify the key elements of the Vue API and their role in front-end app
  • Create a functional Vue-based web app

What You'll Learn

In the Introduction to Vue.js training course you’ll learn:

  • Introduction
    • What is VueJS?
    • Installation
    • Vue vs. other frameworks
    • HelloWorld Vue App
  • Creating instances
    • Initialization
    • Options object
    • Methods and Properties
    • Data binding
    • Components
  • What is a component?
    • Registration
    • Component constructor function
    • Data method
    • Props and Events
    • Slots
  • Handling events
    • Listeners
    • Event handlers
    • Event modifiers
  • Rendering
    • Conditional rendering
    • V-for directive
    • List rendering
  • Bringing it all together
    • Let’s make a web app!
    • Menus, forms and messages
    • Tips to keep in mind
  • How to use Vue with other things
    • Single file components
    • Preprocessors
    • Libraries
    • Plugins
  • Q/A

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