With the acquisition of DevelopIntelligence, Pluralsight is now your partner for global tech workforce development.

We’ve combined Pluralsight’s world-class online offerings with DevelopIntelligence’s tailored, instructor-led training and advisory services. When you work with us, you have access to holistic learning solutions for big tech challenges.

One partner. Comprehensive resources to equip your workforce for engineering excellence and digital transformation success. Here’s an overview…

Flow Advisory-learning Skills ILT/VILT ProServ


Gain a partner and sounding board to help you…

  • Take a holistic look at talent development through the lens of your business goals.
  • Create an end-to-end solution for solving a particular business challenge.
  • Build a reputation as an industry leader and highly-coveted employer, one that invests progressively in its people and career-pathing in general.


Use engineering analytics to…

  • Gain insight into your team’s workflows.
  • Measure your team’s impact (velocity) and efficiency.
  • Pinpoint blockers—issues that are hobbling team momentum.
  • Identify cultural barriers to digital transformation.
  • Measure time-to-full-proficiency in cohorts of new hires or recently upskilled/reskilled groups.

Learning Program Design

Get expert input on best practices to…

  • Equip employees to hit the ground running on a mission-critical project.
  • Prep a team for a total digital transformation, such as changing tech stacks, adopting DevOps, migrating to the cloud or building a Big Data pipeline.
  • Architect a comprehensive plan for upskilling or reskilling a group.
  • Ensure new hires can be immediately productive on assigned projects.


Employees can…

  • Learn at their own pace, on their own timetable, from anywhere in the world, 24/7.
  • Have access to thousands of on-demand learning resources, authored by industry experts, as a vital job resource and a perk.
  • Complete skill assessments before and after training.
  • Do pre-work prior to instructor-led training (VILT or ILT).
  • Reinforce VILT/ILT learning during and after a course.


Organizations can…

  • Ramp up a team’s skills by a specific date and for a specific need.
  • Ensure employees know how to apply their new skills to an upcoming project.
  • Impart the nuances of a specific tech stack, architecture, engineering culture and/or business process.
  • Support employees in real-time with an expert resource who can work coding challenges, answer participants’ questions and shore up areas where people are struggling.

Platform Support

  • Ensure successful rollout of Pluralsight platform, leveraging best practices.
  • Create a seamless user experience with integrations to your LMS, BI, etc.
  • Take pressure off your IT resources; we help with API/connector support.
  • Create a custom home page with your branding, skill development program and more.
  • Develop custom dashboards tailored to user needs.

How do all these pieces work together in practice?

Consider this example: Your organization is planning a digital transformation. Maybe you are moving to the Cloud or adopting DevOps. Or, perhaps, you are expanding your digital products and services. These types of changes affect your entire technical organization, and you need to build new skills across your teams. Here’s how Pluralsight and DevelopIntelligence can support a successful transformation.