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Securing Java Web Services
Learn how to secure Java-based web services.

The Securing Java Web Services training course provides Java developers with the knowledge needed to develop secure Web services.

The course emphasizes hands-on experimentation with students spending roughly half of the classroom time solving specific security problems. The bulk of the course is spent working with JAX-RPC web services: adding WS-Security headers, signing and encrypting message content, and passing SAML assertions among various parties to a messaging scenario.

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the challenges of securing web services
  • Understand the standards used
  • Perform security authentication
This course will be delivered in 4 Days

DI will work with you and your team to define the most appropriate delivery structure, schedule and dates. Structure, schedule and dates will be determined by project schedule, team availability and classroom availability. And of course, it will also be determined by DI’s instructor availability.

In the Securing Java Web Services training course, you’ll learn:

  • Fundamentals
    • Why and what?
    • Characteristics of application security
    • Basic security mechanisms
  • Basic Security at the EE level
    • Role-based authentication
    • Specifying security constraints
    • Programmatic security
    • Declarative security
  • Challenges with Securing XML-Based Services
    • Challenges and pitfalls
    • WS-I Basic Security Profile
    • Standards (WS-Security, wS-SecurityPolicy, SAML)
  • Using WS-Security
    • What it is
    • Asymmetric vs symmetric encryption
    • Signing messages and files
    • Encrypting files
  • Using WS-Policy
    • What it is
    • Creating policies
    • Working with WS-SecurityPolicy
    • Attachment techniques
  • Authentication
    • XML Security Tokens
    • Signed Security Tokens (X.509 and Kuberos)
    • Unsigned security tokens
    • Using interceptors
  • Best Practices

Developing SOAP-based Java Web Services
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