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JMS Training
Learn how to use the Java Messaging Systems and Message Driven Beans to build workflows.

The JMS Training training course builds on the Introduction to EJB training with an in-depth exploration into message driven sytems, using JMS (Java Messaging Service) and Message Driven Beans. To facilitate the discussion, the EJB Workflow training covers JMS and messaging fundamentals.

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how JMS was done before Java EE 7
  • Understand and use JMS is done under Java EE 7
This course will be delivered in 1 Day

DI will work with you and your team to define the most appropriate delivery structure, schedule and dates. Structure, schedule and dates will be determined by project schedule, team availability and classroom availability. And of course, it will also be determined by DI’s instructor availability.

In the JMS Training training course, you’ll learn:

  • What is Java EE?
  • What is JMS?
  • Understanding Key Messaging Concepts
    • Message
    • Producer/Consumer
    • Topics
    • Queues
    • Message Bus
  • Familiarization with How Messaging was Done Before EE 7
  • Messaging Under Java EE 7
    • JMSContext
    • JMSConnectionFactoryDefinition
    • JMSDestinationDefinition
  • Writing a JMS Producer as a Stand-Alone Java Application
  • Writing an Asynchronous JMS Consumer
  • Writing a Synchronous JMS Consumer
  • Using Stateless Session Beans a JMS producer
  • Using Message Driven Beans as a Consumer
  • Using Message Driven Beans as a Web Service Endpoint
  • Writing a JMS Producer and Consumer as a Message Driven Bean
  • Asynchronous Processing Design Strategies
  • Packaging and Deploying a JMS Application

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