As a Learning Solutions Architect at DevelopIntelligence, I partner with our internal teams and external clients to consult on our clients’ learning strategy and identify their key business objectives/desired outcomes, to design and execute impactful training programs.
How does your role help transform lives?
When designing strategic training programs that align with current and/or emerging business objectives, there’s potential to create a domino effect, impacting the growth and development of individuals, managers, and organizations at large. Truly great learning experiences enable students with the skills required to accelerate their technical acumen, and move the needle in an organization.
Which core value do you relate to the most, and why?
I relate most to “Win as a Team,” because I believe that we can achieve our greatest successes through teamwork and collaboration. We each have unique perspectives and ideas that together can help bring our clients visions to reality.
What's your favorite quote?
"We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are." - Max de Pree
What's one fun fact you want to share?
I’ve competed in 5 Spartan races across 5 US states and so far completed 1 Spartan Trifecta.