Project Agreement

Client agrees to utilize DI services outlined in the Statement of Work (SOW) and/or Training Quote. Client agrees to pay full amount specified in SOW for the services. The training program will address the topics identified in the “Course Outline” created after execution of agreement. Any changes to the outline, after the execution of the work order, which require a change in duration, may require additional fees.

DI agrees to deliver a customized Training Course for Client. DI agrees to provide a competent, qualified, and certified instructor for the training program. Additionally, DI agrees to provide the necessary learning materials and courseware resources required to facilitate the training program. 

DI and it’s instructor will make a best effort attempt to cover everything in the training outline. However, DI can not guarantee everything will be covered, due to unforeseen circumstances such as but not limited to: Client project interruptions, classroom or technical difficulties, students with varied backgrounds, student learning pace, etc. 

For on-site deliveries, Client agrees to provide or secure a training facility for the training program session, unless otherwise specificed in SOW. Client will provide all the necessary equipment (projectors, whiteboards, software licenses, student workstations, computing infrastructure, presentation infrastructure, guest internet for instructor, etc.) required to deliver the training program.

Client agrees not to hold DI liable for any damage to the equipment or training facility, misrepresentation of information during the training course that may cause undo harm in the development or maintenance of Client created software.


DI agrees the Client materials, including source code, intellectual property, documentation, requirements, and specifications shared with DI during the training program are the sole property of Client. DI agrees to standard non-disclosure terms and will not use, refer to, or keep any Client owned materials.

DI agrees to standard privacy and confidentiality terms, and will not disclose, copy, redistribute, or otherwise share any sensitive corporate, customer, or personal data it is exposed to during the training program sessions. 

Payment Terms

Client agrees to pay DI total amount specified in SOW. 100% of the payment is due upon execution of the work order, unless otherwise agreed to by DI and Client. 

Payments received thirty (30) days beyond the completion of the course may be subject to a 10% late-payment fee. All payments must be paid in US funds drawn from a US bank or with a credit card. Credit card payments will be charged an additional 3%. 

Payments should be remitted to:
DevelopIntelligence LLC (56-2390582)
2675 Northpark Drive, Suite 201
Lafayette CO 80026

Cancellation and Reschedule Terms 

Client shall have the right to cancel this Agreement, with or without cause, within 72 hours of issuing a executing the agreement.

Client shall notify the vendor in writing of such cancellation. Once the agreement has been executed, Client and DI will work together to schedule dates and organize delivery logistics. 

The Client shall have the right to cancel or reschedule classes, with or without cause, in accordance with the fee schedule below.  Except for reasons related to a force majeure event, for example, fire, flood, earthquake, transportation strikes, acts of terrorism, or acts of government, in which case no cancelation penalty shall apply,

Amounts calculated under this paragraph will be due upon cancellation or deducted from the remaining training credits if available.  Such cancellation must be in writing and acknowledged by DI. Electronic communications (email) are acceptable forms of notification. 

Cancellation Schedule and Fees:


Cancellation Prior to Course Start Date


26 or more calendar days


16 – 25 calendar days


15 or fewer calendar days



Reschedule Schedule and Fees:


Reschedule Prior to Course Start Date


26 or more calendar days


16 – 25 calendar days


15 or fewer calendar days



Fees specified above to not include change fees or non-refundable travel fees incurred. Those will be billed separately on an actuals basis cost.

DI reserves the right to change instructors or reschedule the delivery of the course due to scheduling conflicts, illness, or family/personal/weather related emergencies. DI will notify Client of an instructor change prior to the delivery. 

Quality Guarantee

In the event that Client or its staff are unsatisfied with the training, instructor or materials, Client may request a reteach.

The request for a reteach must occur no later than lunchtime on the second day of class for each course. If the request is made after lunchtime on the second day of class, or after the training has concluded, DI will work with Client to find an appropriate resolution. 

For classes with less than an average quality score of 3.75 (out of 5), DI will deliver a reteach at no-additional costs.